How to collect money at bankruptcy of debitor in Russia?

How to collect money at bankruptcy of debitor in Russia?

Bankruptcy is not only the instrument of recognition of insolvency of the debtor, but also, first of all, it is a legal mechanism of collecting debt.

How it occurs?

Everything begins with filing of application about bankruptcy and appointment of the arbitration manager.

Further – everything in many depends on the arbitration manager, after all he has the right to investigate economic activity of the debtor for the period till introduction of procedure of bankruptcy and to elicit the facts of assets removal if such took place, and, maybe, the circumstances, testifying about existence of signs of deliberate bankruptcy or the bases for subsidiary responsibility of the director or the participant.

Influence of the creditor is great also, especially the one who owns by a majority vote at the meeting of creditors. It is shown that meeting of creditors has the right to give instructions to the arbitration manager about commission of these or those actions on contest of transactions or submissions of other statements on the case of bankruptcy.

How to collect money at bankruptcy of debitor in Russia?

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In any case, rescue of the drowning – work of drowning. Therefore only activity and persistence of the creditor can help him to return money.

The arbitration manager and bankruptcy itself is not more than the tool in hands of the creditor.

So, dear creditors, if you faced that on actually seized judgment it is very difficult to collect money, consider bankruptcy as the specific instrument of collecting.

Believe, in many cases it is more effective than others.

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