How to liquidate an organization whithout assistance in Russia?

How to liquidate an organization whithout assistance in Russia?

How independently liquidate the organization? Many ask this question, when debts are collected.

It is possible to liquidate the company in several ways – through the bankruptcy, alternative or gray elimination. When the organization has no debts, first of all, on taxes, it is possible to liquidate the company in a voluntary order independently.

Procedure of elimination is stated in articles 61-64 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, and also in the Law on the state registration of legal entities.

In particular, voluntary elimination assumes:

  • acceptance by founders (participants) of the decision about elimination, appointment of the liquidating commission or liquidator;
  • publication in the Messenger of the state liquidation of the message about elimination;
  • the notification of creditors and debtors about liquidations of the organization, establishment of property existence;
  • drawing up and submission of intermediate liquidating balance;
  • submission in tax authority of the corresponding form about liquidation of the organization.

As the liquidator of the organization can be the founder or other person according to the solution of meeting of founders (participants).

How to liquidate an organization whithout assistance in Russia?

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In a case if the liquidator will establish impossibility to pay off on debts, for example, according to the results of intermediate balance, then within 10 days he is obliged to submit the application for bankruptcy.

Otherwise it is possible to assign subsidiary liability for debts of the organization to the liquidator.

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