How to liquidte organization through bankruptcy in Russia?

How to liquidte organization through bankruptcy in Russia?

Liquidation of the organization through bankruptcy is one of ways which the market now can offer you.

Besides bankruptcy you can liquidate the organization in a voluntary order, that is by an exception of EGRUL. It is possible to do it only if you have no debts, at least, on taxes.

Other ways are schemes of alternative elimination. They allow to drain the company by changing the director, the founder and the location. Besides, the schemes connected with reorganization of legal entity in the form of accession to any remote region are very popular.

These schemes work, however, they are not always applicable. It is also necessary to consider that the legislator constantly tries to put obstacles of such schemes organization.

In particular, responsibility is entered into the Criminal code for drain of the organizations; the tax authority applies operational actions on fight against drains. Doesnt stand aside both the civil legislation and the legislation on the bankruptcy, fixing subsidiary liability for debts of the company at illegal drains.

If you have a big debt on taxes, especially, resulted after tax check or there is mortgage property, then bankruptcy procedure is what will help you to liquidate the company and to reduce risks of initiation of civil and criminal liability by dissatisfied creditors.

Liquidation of the organization through bankruptcy is the labor-consuming process and it demands a certain planning.

How to liquidte organization through bankruptcy in Russia?

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Elimination through bankruptcy takes 8 months. At cost – if not the trainee and not the student undertakes for that task, then elimination wont cost cheaper than 350 thousand rubles.

To begin elimination procedure you need to begin procedure of voluntary elimination. Then the liquidator, having established impossibility to pay off on debts, submits the application for bankruptcy.

After introduction of bankruptcy procedure, arbitration manager is entered into the case. He holds all events provided by Bankruptcy Law and finishes competitive production.

The following step after arbitration court made conclusion about finishing of competitive production – an exception of the organization from the Uniform state register of legal entities which usually occurs within 2 months after finishing of competitive production.

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